Kane Brown – Lose It – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. PEYTON HANKS says:

    My second favorite song from you Kane, first would probably be Heaven, but your still my favorite country artist!!!!

  2. Janell Rivas says:

    He’s such a great artist! Especially live!

  3. Blake Eric Hansen says:

    Im a radio broadcaster an usually pick the hits close to 100%…. this is great!!!! Kane Brown… great song, good work!

  4. Angel Cieker says:

    waht up

  5. ItsAmyrah says:


    Him and Song. saw u at york fair. love u

  6. James Faison says:

    this is not good I’m sorry

  7. Sam Jr says:


  8. Wayne Lester says:

    I have a crush on you

  9. Brea Green says:

    ahh <3 your voice is perfection!

  10. Douglas McCrary says:

    This aint country it’s really bad pop music.

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