Fifth Harmony – Angel –

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10 Responses

  1. Samantha pazuengo says:

    Haha ?

  2. Pipe Show! says:


  3. Gregory Diamond says:

    I hit my head really hard today and I think that I am new here. Could you tell me who are these girls ?

  4. Jamecia says:

    Normani ?

  5. Veru Gonz says:

    No, I get tired of watching this video. Is simply perfect.

  6. thais rodrigues says:

    aiaiai esse pop de hoje em dia tisc tisc ??

  7. Issame Mehnoune says:

    Normani 25% + lauren 25% + ally 25% + dinah 25% = Voice 100%

  8. Francine Tshilumba says:

    when camila left they started putting swears in they’re …. oh wow

  9. Lara _Zani says:

    *Que hinoooo!!!!* ???

  10. Fernanda Vitorio says:

    Melhor musica do mundo

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