Jennifer Lopez – Limitless –

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10 Responses

  1. Carmen victoria Diaz De Lamar says:

    Me encanto !!! Felicidades a emmy lo hizo estupendo ….saludos desde VENEZUELA

  2. Adan Mill-Her says:

    Jlo serving another fiasco, people are no longer interested in “her” music.

  3. latin boy says:

    Why lie about she can’t sing! Not feelin it.

  4. Ира Мудревская says:


  5. Jason Ramirez says:

    You can sooooo hear Sia’s lyricism in this. It actually overpowers J. Lo’s voice- I would have recognized Sia’s style before J. Lo’s voice. I do love Sia… biggest fan.

    This video, though, is corny. A. F.

  6. Samantha Vehrs says:

    I’m not crying, you’re crying!

  7. Keneth Luna Sequeira says:

    10 Millones de suscriptores, Reina de Reinas la adoro.

  8. Fran KunP says:

    J.Lo is back :’)

  9. Eduardo Alves says:


  10. Suzanne Swamn says:

    Why should does she remove her clothes just to feel empowered? Next she’ll be removing her bra?

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