Teyana Taylor ft. Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Raekwon – Gonna Love Me – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. Shawn Vega The ILLustrator says:

    damn I miss when sister you be woman but still was hood and respected they self and knew value of self

  2. anigbochic says:

    4:24 – 4:28.. that dance with Methodman & T.T??…the 90s hands down best decade for Hip-Hop & RnB. This song took me back to that Golden Era?

  3. JoBananas says:

    “Look, I’m too grown for netflix and chill but I G and post up like a net flick, for real.” Method Man at his finest right there.

  4. JoBananas says:

    this mf ruined the shot here lmao

  5. Nella Grace says:

    FIRE!! got this all day on repeat!!!

  6. Sonia Jenkins says:

    Love it brings me back too the early 2000s go teyanna!!!

  7. Diane V says:

    Where tf is Raekwon? Otherwise, classic MJB Total type of ish. Teyana got that 90s vibe going on.

  8. barbiesworld4ify says:

    I love her ??

  9. Sandra Cuc says:


  10. Trin Tv says:

    We really needed this song. Thank you Teyana Taylor you’re true R&B.

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