Sleep more and lose weight –

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8 Responses

  1. bombtobasco says:

    LOL it’s 3 am here too ):

  2. Jahid Tanjil says:

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    horrific that I made an effort to hide away. I tried just about every
    preposterous process in the industry. It didn’t disappear. Afterward I
    learned all about the Acne Executioner website (Google it) and I had
    finally unearthed something which was successful. I don’t mind seeing
    images of myself nowadays.

  3. pn558 says:

    Doc you are awesome!

  4. Dustin Dwaine says:

    i just cant sleep at night end up sleeping about 7am until about 4pm this
    is real bs i hate my mind…..

  5. Stuart Perry says:

    Please tell me how you measure something that goes undiagnosed?

  6. From Chronic To Cure says:

    Great video as usual, Dr. Hyman Thank you.

  7. Mike Simmons says:

    Super Info. Thanks. More @

  8. chinnuz1234 says:

    peanuts are good or bad

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