Unboxing the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Battle Action Millennium Falcon – ipasm.com

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5 Responses

  1. Chad Miller says:

    I have this and all the vintage falcons and this the best one….please
    don’t just judge by this video. It is beautiful in person and best
    playability of any falcon. The 2012 yes has more size and nice loading deck
    with lights but for sound effects it’s a bunch of lines from a new hope.
    This one has motion activated flight sounds for flight moves,take off and
    landing. The best turret canopy yet complete with the red graphic targeting
    screen for the first time and first time a falcon comes with hyperdrive
    lever that sometimes goes out as a gimmick and then can be fired up again.
    The main designer had a part in EVERY falcon to EVER come out as he has
    been with kenner since 1977 and designed the 79 original and even the big
    2012 and this new one. All the play set room,sick ebay, chess
    sofa,board,tunnel, cannon,and the fact it comes with 3 figures…….you
    are missing out if you pass on this vehicle.

  2. DerpSnazzlePlayz says:

    This is new Falcon will be on everyones wish list this year IGN They say
    its a hit toy and that its flying out into hyperspace on the shelves!

  3. Sky 446 says:


    I can’t decide millenium falcon or BB-8 app enabled droid

  4. ronronero1972 says:

    i dont understand why never do the vehicles in the correct scale respect
    the 3,75 figures… i am very dissapointing with this strategy snif. is

  5. Admiral Ackbar says:

    Way overpriced.

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