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10 Responses

  1. BJ JR says:

    D R A M A.

  2. Ali Alidrissi says:

    Good movie but the trailer a lot better than the movie.
    I was expecting more πŸ™

  3. Ali Alidrissi says:

    Dafoe is very good in this movie

  4. Michelle Espino says:

    I live for almost a year homeless in a hotel right down the street from where this movie was shot there really is an epidemic of families living in hotels there because housing is so hard to come by I’m so happy that they made a movie about this. Can’t wait to see it.

  5. Brie x says:


  6. TAGME3X says:

    i watched the movie i live in the area it was filmed the locations were so wrong the motels they used are so far from each other but they made them seem like they were side by side but reality they are miles apart and some locations dont even exist anymore and have not for years and when i say years i mean 5-6 . the ending not even possible unless you are flash if you live in this area you could see how bad they did location shoots. the story and what its all about is fine but be accurate.

  7. Dela Rosa says:

    legit this trailer makes me so close to cryin everytime. what will gonna happen to me if i saw the movie.

    if im going to be a filmmaker this is what i want to make daaamn it is so perfect

  8. zeehondje1000 says:

    Lijkt me een leuke/vrolijke film!

  9. C S says:

    Best movie ever

  10. Rockette Jam says:

    i don’t understand the ending…are they being kidnapped by the pedophile ring?

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