Betty Who – Some Kinda Wonderful –

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9 Responses

  1. Rupal Sinha says:

    the starting of this video only makes me believe that they are down for dirty ;P

  2. Tracey Casey says:

    see you in Boston

  3. DeezDotz Dotz says:


  4. Linzer Dinzer says:

    Just discovered Betty Who and I love EVERYTHING she is doing.

  5. Ferson Navy Smiler says:

    YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL, I love so much your vibe, so amazing this song and video <3 <3 <3

  6. tswcps41406 Cheng says:

    the laundry shop reminds me of Ariana’s Everyday just say

  7. zeeky boy says:

    hey I know this is irrelevant to this beautiful song and video, but my name is zeek I’m inspiring artist, and my artist name is zt. I’m not confident with that name I’m thinking about changing it to if I was getting a fanbase what would they name be?

  8. Cellar Door says:

    Cringe. Seriously what record label hears this and think it’s supposed to be good? Smh.

  9. Music TV says:

    Who was the video director? I need this info

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