World’s Best TV? LG 65″ Curved OLED 4K Ultra HDTV: Unboxing & Review –

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10 Responses

  1. Baku Bhogle says:

    is new b6 more improved model than this ?

  2. Don Versace says:

    What HDR is this 10 or dolby

  3. raul raul says:

    the radiation is very dangerous especially for those who have a mitral
    valve prolapse disease…..

  4. Mr10616LC says:

    What about an old school CRT TV? You know, those boxy ones they used to
    make in the 1990s and early 2000s

  5. Salomon Villafuerte says:

    I must get this tv!!!!

  6. Nick John says:

    After purchasing the LG 55EC9300 and falling in love with the picture
    quality of OLED, I wholeheartedly recommended this
    technology to anyone and everyone who would listen. Get more detail and big
    discount at :

  7. Hack Ahmed says:


  8. Majed AY says:

    I got mine 6 months ago and now I got a dead pixel and channel logos stuck
    on the TV

    OLED is just not ready for TV’s

  9. Prateep Sham says:

    Porn would look sick as fuck in this badboy

  10. 1 Pilot F says:

    TNG! I’m with you brother

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