Olay Regenerist – TV Commercial feat. Katie Holmes – ipasm.com

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5 Responses

  1. LindaKay Kotch says:

    What does she mean when she says, “I will take BB into my own hands.”

  2. Brightaqua says:

    WTF does she say here? Beedee? Beading? I was hoping someone would

  3. Scott Simpson says:

    She talks out of the side of her mouth and smerks instead of smiles. At the
    end, stepping out of the car…. SMERK! SNL really should do a parody of
    this commercial.

  4. Deviant Productions says:

    “I will take beady into my own hands”

  5. cindy deosaran says:

    I hate how she says beauty sounds like beety must be because of that smurf

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