Breville’s fancy Tea Maker brews with mechanized precision –

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5 Responses

  1. Nick Muggli says:

    @lawlerzwtf if you get your tea from bags, like I would admittedly, than
    you are not the market they are aiming for with this machine. This is for
    people that buy their loose teas from places like David’s Tea. These
    people, unlike you and I, prolly have active tea collections of $500+ in
    their cabinets.

  2. Kyle Ford says:

    Tea is everything to me. I hate myself for it but I have to save up for
    this now! Thanks for looking out for my wallet c-net! ;-P

  3. Google CIA says:

    2 expensive

  4. big milk says:

    iv had one for a long time i love it, it is a pain to clean out so dont let
    your tea sit

  5. Amanda Douglass says:

    No replacement for the pitcher if you break it you are screwed.

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