London Grammar – Non Believer –

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  1. Biuro Biuro says:


  2. jatin grover says:

    what is the the meaning of the song and how can you relate it to the video?

  3. jatin grover says:

    anyone tell more songs relateable to the genre of London Grammar

  4. jatin grover says:

    scarlett johnson is in the video

  5. meytar hagay says:

    this song just gives me a feeling of awesomeness.

  6. Escalathor _ says:

    that beat is *siiiiiick* ! Seriously, could you guys upload the instrumental?

  7. Zana Serdar says:

    I dont know why but this song takes me back to my past. It’s so beautiful.

  8. stephanie F says:

    The beginning reminds me of a video game. There’s definitely some self introspection going on. When the lyrics say “you chased an idea”, it is the moment she’s kissing the black man. Maybe she imagined her relationship with him.
    Maybe the white man in the other couple is her brother that she cares about or another imagined love. Possibilities are confusing.
    The womb is an interesting interpretation that ties with their other song, “oh woman oh man”, that talks about choosing a path or a child. Also to note she’s wearing the white guy’s grey shirt at the end, why I don’t know.

  9. Borys Korzhov says:

    I really love they music and vocal

  10. 天天播影视联盟 says:


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