All About Estee Lauder’s Advance Night Repair | lusterings –

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5 Responses

  1. Beauty Addict says:

    I really like ur personality suscribed??

  2. Hannah Blackburn says:

    Hi! I love your video! I had a really bad pimple like really bad so I have
    been using this for maybe a week and it’s already gone! No scaring either!
    Which I know this product probably isn’t for that but it works!

  3. The Jessie Chronicles says:

    I work for Estee Lauder. I am officially converted, even if/when I no
    longer work for estee, I will forever use this product. Great video, short
    and sweet but very informative!

  4. Sasa Sasadi says:

    I have just started using it n it’s incredibly awesome
    u got new subbi

  5. Kyuu says:

    Can I use this on my under eye area? The smallest bottle of this costs $89
    and the eye cream is around $67…

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