Pink – Beautiful Trauma –

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10 Responses

  1. Micki Sannar says:

    If you are awake, this will make you sick.

  2. Cristiane de Oliveira says:

    Channing dança muito

  3. Kevin says:

    This is umm kinda weird

  4. ameneh ghafourian says:

    12:15 she legit looked like a man XD

  5. BiahCunha1 says:

    Neither Anitta or P!ink were the first person of thinking about this Doll House concept of videos. Sober up guys. A CORDA BRAZEEEEEL

  6. Baby Fratelli. says:

    I love Pinks style ? you go girl

  7. Prince Secco says:

    Linda por dentro e por fora, P!nk.

  8. Mathew Orgill says:

    Another crap song for bogan Mother’s

  9. Marcela Cunha says:

    gente para d ser ridiculo KKKKK nada de anitta ai

  10. Gean Costa says:

    Ninguém merece vir ver clipes da Rainha pink encontro essa traças esse carapatos da cachorros anietaaajd ??????????????????????????#RainhaAbsolutaPink❤?

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