Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet –

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5 Responses

  1. Junaid Shaikh says:

    you are so beautifulο»Ώ

  2. AK Haris says:

    u looks like a beautiful actress πŸ‘‘ο»Ώ

  3. Tony Sepulveda says:

    I loved your video of this Amazon Fire kid’s tablet. Just curious on how
    your daughter liked the tablet? Will there be a follow up video soon?
    Patiently waiting. Stay connected.ο»Ώ

  4. 1329melissa says:

    if theres no wifi then they cant use it at all? or can u use only what u
    downloaded? thank u!ο»Ώ

  5. rickie d (rickd) says:

    hello does this have Netflix?ο»Ώ

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