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4 Responses

  1. Mac Rattery says:

    I loved this video, but I do think a cat needs one additional box is needed
    per cat.
    One cat needs two boxes and so on.

  2. Tina Roberts says:

    Hi Dr. Becker. Thank you for a great video. I have had multiple cats in
    my home for 35 years and have found everything you said to be true except
    for the ratio of boxes per cats. I have always had 3 to 5 cats and have
    always had one large box. It is scooped twice per day and changed and
    washed every week. I have never had an issue with kitties failing to use
    the box. The Scoopable litter manufacturers do everyone a disservice by
    stating that you never need to dump the litter. When people tell me they
    have a cat that peed on their bed or in a corner, I usually find that they
    haven’t dumped or cleaned the box, ever. They just keep adding a little
    new litter to the old. I hope people heard you and understand that dumping
    and cleaning every week is for scoopable too, regardless of what it says on
    the package.

  3. Rita Shimonishi says:

    icdont like scented litters or the clumping kitters.ive gone back to clay,
    I clean it daily then every third day I dump the whole box.cat is happier

  4. Bo Zo says:

    I use a large litter box, clumping clay litter and scoop once or twice a
    day. I hardly ever clean the box, I just keep adding litter. My cat and I
    never have a problem.

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