Miley Cyrus – Malibu –

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10 Responses

  1. EverythingAndAnything 823 says:

    I think trump has gotton to Miley and lady gaga they now are acting they’re age and lady gaga is starting to go by her real name

  2. arthoe says:

    I’m sorry. I hate this song. I’m sorry, it’s just horrible.

  3. Vanessa Cobos says:


  4. Endwolf says:

    I was a little fan, until her big switch. Then i accept that “rebel” Miley. I dreamed about… what is she be one day the same, as she was? Or something like that. And here come this song. So many peoples wrote about what she did in 2013. But guys. Everyone change. Everyone try out another styles. Everyone have hard times. Just like you too.

    Now i feel an another Miley Cyrus already. She is the “mixed” version (What she was, what she is now.) And i think, its absolutely okay. Maybe this is the best. It’s 2017. A lot of people, singer, actor changed in this year. But this time it’s not the same. These mans show an another, “normal” form. Like Lady Gaga, and now she.

    Now i can just say… i love her new switch. And as in the song heard…
    “It’s a brand new start,
    a dream come true[…]”]

  5. Lance Bennett says:

    Finally. She looks good again.

  6. Michu Ziomal says:

    Ruchałbym ją

  7. _legalizex_ aws says:

    i hope she’s changed

  8. Dana Qutaishat says:

    such a great song, so positive and relaxing ??? i just love her!!

  9. Caroline Castro says:

    She’s so pretty

  10. steviebell philms says:

    Is this the Miley we’ll love?

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