Calvin Harris – Feels – ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big Sean –

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10 Responses

  1. Syed Abdul Haseeb Qadri says:

    Who is here for “Dark Horse” singer???

  2. Syed Abdul Haseeb Qadri says:

    Who is here for “I kissed a girl singer”???

  3. Grace H says:

    My new jam!!! who else? 😛

  4. Slime Collie says:

    I only know the chorus: don’t be afraid to catch fish I love dropping some fish baby I know your not afraid to catch fish so fish with me ( Katy’s bit )

  5. James Marcher says:

    Is this about a hairy pussy?

  6. dave goodface says:

    how to trip on acid, without taking it

  7. careleña Valencia says:

    un pharrell ft bruno omars sería extraordinario creo yo

  8. Random Person says:

    I could honestly just listen to this for hours on end… THIS SONG IS AMAZING!!!

  9. Ciara Neto da silva says:

    what is Katy Perry saying

  10. eTY ETY says:

    Never thought Tom Hardy could play the guitar like this!

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