Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – 1TB –

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5 Responses

  1. MidnightSundowns says:

    That’s the sexiest club sandwich ever.

  2. EeveeFall says:

    now i really have a reason to sell my old ps4 with PT in it

  3. kapil busawah says:

    Where’s Hollie? Don’t get me wrong, love Rob, but any chance to get Hollie
    in a video I’ll take it. Since it’s usually Hollie who does these things,
    you stole Hollie from us!

  4. Edward Elric says:

    Pro or Slim, I’m a new player and don’t have a 4K tv plz help.
    Edit: I don’t care about graphics

  5. Derrick Schupp says:

    Just going to wait for 5.

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