Bright (2017 movie) –

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10 Responses

  1. Checkmat8 says:

    ” going to kill you than me and…. thats when the stupid shit starts”

  2. CrCKLE pOps says:

    I guess I just watched the whole movie

  3. Tristan Luke says:

    What kind of douche would kill a fairy? Not watching this. Thanks anyway.

  4. Renuka Das says:

    ohhh what’s a trailer ? supered. yo

  5. ChauncieIsFunny says:

    This looks so boo boo

  6. Matthew KsE says:

    What…the fuck did my eyes just see? It’s a story about the struggles of diversity, but with lord of the rings type shit?….reading what i just typed hurt my head….fuck it I’m not gonna try to figure this movie out.

  7. Macc Droid says:

    were might be in the prophecy.
    were not.
    were inside a stolen toyota corrolla πŸ˜€ hahha

  8. missgj says:

    RIP fairy

  9. Don't Boo Vote says:

    This is Bad Boys meets Suicide Squad meets Men In Black with a friggin magic wand. Very creative.

  10. Marcillio Ficino says:

    Interesting premise… but most likely will fail in the execution.

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