kirstin – Break A Little –

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10 Responses

  1. Krystal Adams says:

    Kirstin break a little. Amazing.

  2. Elena barrera guerrero says:

    Well, this is good… But, in my opinion, half of her talent is wasted in this way. Pentatonix is the greatest a cappella group ever, and I think that singing with music takes away the part of her that I love the most…

  3. Avd Ada says:


  4. Amanda Knowles says:

    Is Avi actually leaving PTX? Why? What happened? He can’t just be replaced, we love him too much ? It just wouldn’t be the same without him ?

  5. Cecilia Nieves Lopez says:

    Oki… Am i the only one asking myself “what will happen to pentatonix?”

  6. faith riffe says:

    What if pentatonix breaks up that would be horrible

  7. Katherine Stanton says:

    omg I can see what the emotions and I am crying because Pentatonix is my hero everyone who is in Pentatonix and I wish the best for this group

  8. Heather Johnson says:

    I can’t say I love the song, but Kirstin is sexy as hell in this video.

  9. 신원주 says:

    i luv u krstin .. i just want to die bc of u…..??????? oh no im about to vomit i luv you…?????????

  10. NOT THE REAL Michael Jackson says:

    (* – *) Wow. I can’t breathe. Am I the only one? I’M DYING, HEL……

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