Miley Cyrus – I would die for you –

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10 Responses

  1. Bailey Norbo says:

    Truly mesmerizing

  2. Adina Ray says:

    Love you Miley !!!!

  3. sunshine92011 says:

    This is the miley i love yess?❤

  4. Daniela Silva says:

    She sings better than Ariana, Demi and Selena.


  5. Bailey Garner says:


  6. satsukiandmae Moon says:

    This has a fleatwood mac feeling

  7. J___ D__xxx says:

    somebody should have told that KKK inbred succubus beastiality troglodyte crack head not t where white ever, it shows off her big fat humongous ass, fat ass off in all the wrong places. she needs to stop using that crack.
    nobody’s ever called that crackhead a singer never; she’s a big white though, she is that ..
    listen don’t know who that retards sperm donor is but it ain’t big Billy Ray Ray little c, every body knows that thing is a gigantic queen; getting more dick up that pink black hole then a little, lot much more like it.

  8. Da Mi says:


  9. Mira Batyrkhanova says:

    loving the song and this performance <3

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