George Michael – Fantasy ft. Nile Rodgers –

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10 Responses

  1. stardust19722000 says:

    miss you George♡♡♡♡

  2. sTeven jOhn MUSIC says:

    Voice cuts the air like a razor blade. I did my best to cover one. Listen without..

  3. Steve McQueen says:

    Thank you George…and Nile…So good !!!!

  4. Richard Hopkins says:

    Sounds like remixed cr@p to me. I had thought that Nile Rodgers would have been able to do more with this old mediocre ‘B side’. Are they going to release any of these 3 new albums we’ve heard of?.

  5. GMALHI95 says:

    My time

  6. Emma Hartley says:

    Brilliant love this

  7. nora w says:

    Miss you George Michael u made me who I am

  8. Sisu Power says:

    I love it more each time I hear it … and I was already a big fan of the original. It’s got me grooving at my desk. Thanks, Nile!

  9. jessica marlene montañez barajas says:

    we miss you!!!!! :c

  10. i X t h i s s s says:


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