Fergie – Enchanté (Carine) ft. Axl Jack

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10 Responses

  1. Michael Dornelas says:


  2. Amina Suleman says:

    This whole video is a big seizure and I actually love it

  3. Anetusi says:

    i just think this song is so cute

  4. dorothy valery says:

    Came for KENDALL! See Only KENDALL!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!

  5. Maiya Johnstone says:

    On repeat! My jam ??

  6. Farshid Persia says:

    This is how it must feel to have an android phone

  7. Niiikoooliiinaaa B. says:

    Top song!!! ?

  8. Lore Zenteno says:

    Haha <3

  9. ameruu says:

    this makes me dizzy af but kendall makes it better

  10. Adelya Lubis says:

    This is the unique video.. and my baby kendall deserves it! much love :*

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