Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft –

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10 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    she is amazing. what a gorgeous video

  2. fuzzy1966buick says:

    Watch out Tay Tay !! Theys a new diva in town.

  3. Cool CAT says:

    She is just amazing …

  4. Lorena Aquino De Deus says:

    One voice is more then thousands image!!!!

  5. Fabrice Drukman says:

    Love it

  6. Pablo David Almiron says:

    Remember these days, when Dave Meyers, Francis Lawrence, etc dominating Music Videos

  7. Ligar Yogaswara says:

    cool ?

  8. Adnan Ahmed Hashmi says:

    yellow dress and the background visuals. damn!!! that looks gorgeous. ??

  9. Matt Baxter says:

    Wow this song is so bad

  10. RayRihanna22 says:

    Can we get a Kelly Clarkson and Adele Duet please we need this in our lifetime!!!!!!!!!!

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