Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 12 inch Tablet –

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5 Responses

  1. azim salihov says:

    Hi Lisa, I was wondering why does the Samsung advertise it with the
    processing speed of 2.2GHz while you were claiming that its processing
    speed is as low as 0.9GHz (14:50)?Could you please tell me whether Samsung
    is correctly advertising it or not? Thank you!

  2. Miraj Ali says:

    And it’s 12 inches

  3. Mohamed BOURAMDANE says:

    it’s wifi only ??? what about 4G in internet connexion????

  4. Swole Geek (SG) says:

    Its a great device. Better than Surface on Display + Battery life, comes
    with a free keyboard too. Surface has a good kickstand though. If your
    interested or own one, there is a community here;


  5. Louie Fajardo says:

    Can this Tab Pro read SD card reader? Is it OTG capable?

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