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10 Responses

  1. Tom Index says:

    the goal here, is to get attention people. iPhone knows this is going to cause a riff between the futurists and people power. let’s analyze  this: for those on you on the futurist side: we must recognize the path of technology vs. your freedom of will. even if you’re atheist one can’t deny the path of technology shouldn’t get in the at of your own ‘sentience’. now aside from the obvious argument that apple could use this for a sky net scenario: what does it mean when your face is all that can unlock your phone? wait for it, think about it… have you ever been short on cash, and wanted to buy a used iPhone? there it is: just like the headphone jack replacement: apple is a for profit business. I know you futurists hate sharing things, and are always savvy and have loads of money though, so I guess go ahead: buy the iPhone “x”, yes, named after the generation it’s targeting: that’s called marketing. This is not the path toward star trek timeline: this is the path of the apple rapes you with their phone timeline. choose the star trek timeline it’s much brighter.

  2. The Rolls Royce Trent says:

    Don’t you just love ALL of your privacy taken away?

  3. jt bone says:

    1984, brave new world

  4. Oscar T says:

    Why The Face? is so invasive, I’m already Ugly Now This Phone will make me feel like shit when it fails To Open by show it My Ugliness

  5. Jose Ruiz says:

    what if you have a twin?

  6. RFNkev says:

    It is shit

  7. manuel villafuerte says:

    John cena is officially done with apple.

  8. Anahata Chakra says:

    it should scan your bum hole. I hear they are like snowflakes. Each one is unique, well hidden and if someone goes there while your sleeping it would wake you up.

  9. Gervs Jacobs says:

    A) If face ID works in direct sunlight and can’t easily be spoofed, then it’s a win, if not it’s just playing catch up to the industry, i.e Samsung’s iris scanner (Samsung face detection is too easy to spoof, so not viable).
    B) Anyone else hate the constant applause over next to nothing. These are the people who deserve to be called sheeple.

  10. Kevin Lau says:

    Samsung doesn’t require password to use Iris scanner.

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