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5 Responses

  1. Inday Badiday says:

    Wow this is beautiful. I wish its more showing how and less talking. Having
    a hard time following especially the boarder. Frustration is real.

  2. Gladys Perez says:

    hey there, thank you for the pattern I just finished mine and I it came out
    really nice. So far this one is the best pattern I found. I wish I could
    post a pic of my finished hat. Thanks again??

  3. Martha Carter says:

    Marly, can you please do a fox hat for child and adult instructions. Thank

  4. Martha Carter says:

    Just finish the owl hat for my 16 month old grandson. Thank you for sharing
    your knowledge .. the hat turn out so good. Ordered. The exact yarn you
    used from red heart yarn.

  5. Andreyah T says:

    GREAT tutorial, Marly! ❤

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