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7 Responses

  1. CloudCity says:

    Definitely a heartfelt sound from Halsey, glad to have her on the channel. Fun fact: The Weeknd co-wrote this track. Let me know what you think #cloudnation

  2. elle chaitoo says:

    This is from I to you ..Paul

  3. Keekee Poet says:


  4. Atharva Gadkari says:

    ellie goulding beta version

  5. I S I says:

    the beats they added in this song made it a Killer !! I did not like the stripped version but this one is good .

  6. Nicholas Yakov says:

    I can feel Abels influence through her voice. I’m not a big fan of Halsey but she did great on this one.

  7. DontasJJ says:

    the instrumental reminded me of “Godspeed You! Black Emperor – 09-15-00 (Continued)” very similar

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