RED SPАRROW (2018 Movie) –

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10 Responses

  1. Absalom Nephilim says:

    Basically Geishas

  2. Cure Bug says:

    If this movie is interesting, it will be interesting because it ripped off and copied movies that were filmed in Eastern Europe that used Eastern European actors that were compelling and well-produced.  American movies have become garbage and now they are desperate to copy well-made foreign movies like the original “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.  The American version of that movie was boring and the main actor girl was miscast.  Although she is a talented actor, she was not right for the part.

  3. Cure Bug says:

    Jennifer Lawrence as the …
    the mom
    the hunger games girl
    the babysitter

    C’mon Hollywood.  Use an actress that’s hungry for the role.  We’re tired of seeing Jennifer Lawrence in all these roles.  Is she a good actress?  Yes.  Is she over-used?  Yes.  Use someone new.

    Jennifer.  We like you, but take a vacation, get married, have some children, get some life experience and maturity, then come back to acting and you’ll be the next Kate Blanchett.  Or, some girl who is close to that.

  4. Robert D says:

    Too bad she is another Hollywood leftie. I won’t be seeing any movie she is in. When will these actors and sports people learn to shut the hell up and entertain?

  5. Kevin Jacko says:

    got me with the clickbait thumbnail, its not really a clickbait, the scenes real, but the whole movie looks bleh…

  6. Timothy Wing says:

    Salt? Black Widow? Atomic Blonde? This does look good though. I usually like Jennifer Lawrence, and a I like Joel Edgerton

  7. Lawren Downing says:

    Black Widow origins

  8. Azure Tides says:

    0:57 for what you clicked for

  9. Sentinel Eye says:

    Mehh. Another movie we are supposed to believe another under developed woman can wipe out the strongest man…please.

  10. Kyle Murray says:


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