YUNGBLUD & Halsey ft. Travis Barker – 11 Minutes –

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10 Responses

  1. MGKel8 Byrne says:

    2:37 – 2:43 sounded really cool

  2. Samuel versatile says:

    Still don’t like the song, but the music video is outstanding

  3. Danielle Olmi says:

    Travis Barker killed it.

  4. Joan Alzemiy says:

    they don’t go together ?

  5. YAMBLUE says:


  6. Url Wild Badman says:

    without me :part II

  7. Url Wild Badman says:

    I’m crying ?

  8. iris pellenaars says:


  9. Daniel Leal says:

    Periqueros everywhere

  10. Kohana Mukherjee says:

    What a music video concept + song top notch – can’t get over it at all.

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