Boogie ft. Eminem – Rainy Days –

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9 Responses

  1. Enrique Aboytes says:

    Eminem ❤️

  2. I Own You says:

    I see more Em comments than Boogie , here we go again

  3. Zain speed says:

    I see what u did there

  4. Cyrus says:

    Yeah boogie

  5. Just Me says:

    When this song came out, I read articles and tweets, on how Em’s verse was bad, destroyed the song, was offensive and so on…..I listened to it and I thougt it was fucking fire…. and now thanks to youtube reviewers and people who actually study his lyrics and explain to people, people now recognize how fire his verse was…..Em is a fucking GOAT, and the choppy flow was great for this beat too….how many artists change flows in one verse and still sound great?

  6. ColoradoStuff says:

    Bro this is GARBAGE??????

  7. Julio Chong says:

    The CC of YT for the part of Eminem cannot keep on with Em HAHAHAH 2:44

  8. Arif Billah says:

    RIP Captions… Sorry you can’t handle Eminem… Best of Luck Boogie in future.. this song is dope.

  9. Matthew's Style says:

    Like a Shepard having sex with a sheep…. fuck what you herd… that was raw asfffff

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