Offset ft. Gucci Mane – Quarter Milli –

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10 Responses

  1. dingleberry187 says:

    This shit nuts

  2. neil X5 says:

    Damn that robbery was clean

  3. One Against The Ocean says:

    I make my own music. Rough and unmastered, but original. Feel free to check it out, and sub if you like it. Thank you!

  4. ADIDAS Hunter says:

    Bro! Offset one of my fav rappers. Yo songs supa hype. And idk what it is about this song, buh like, this is Lit. Idk, like I watch this video alot. And I’m starting to memorize it too. I like Offset dancing in this too. Like I wish this song was longer. Should remix this with 21, Cardi B and Guuci Mane

  5. Alex Jones says:

    Met gala 2

  6. Tyler Viette says:

    amazing song offset on a different level then everyone. on the other hand gucci acted like he didnt try on this verse cuz i think he knows how good offset is. rip

  7. Jeffrey Montemayor says:

    Bonethugs bitch

  8. Jeffrey Montemayor says:

    Shit sounds wack as fuck


    On some g … Gucci don’t sound right in this beat

  10. Amna Baloch says:

    This kinda looks like Keem Isaiah ‘Never Told’ like the vid I swearr but they both deadass make my soo mf hype

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