SHAZAM! (2019 movie) –

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10 Responses

  1. FilmSelect Trailer says:

    See the first trailer for SHAZAM!

  2. fd139 says:

    « Don’t scream » AHHHHHH AAAAHHHH ???

  3. The Man says:

    Now THIS is the real Captain Marvel

  4. Marcos Lescano says:

    Nice sponge suit

  5. Omar Alor says:

    This is the first DC character to call himself a Superhero instead of a metahuman.

  6. الشيخ احمد بن علي آل حنطوبي says:

    Black adam

  7. xoxo xu says:

    I bet all tees are going to watch this

  8. shutthedoor says:

    man Varian has had an upgrade lol

  9. Sin Cara7 Rivera says:

    Finally a good movie just like the batman series

  10. Cecília Coelho says:

    DC fans always criticizing marvel because of too much humor.

    Dc: makes a movie with comedy genius Zachary Levy

    Me: first DC movie I’m interested since WW

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