Joker (2019 movie) –

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10 Responses

  1. Jay Ohlrogge says:

    If anyone can outdo Ledger as Joker, it’s Joaquin Phoenix!

  2. Onmanrz says:

    He looks like a payday crew

  3. AO Papi says:

    I really think that Pheonix’s interpretation of the Joker could possibly be up there along side Heath Ledger’s Joker, maybe even surpass it

  4. Alexis Slider says:

    This looks like it sucks

  5. Batman says:

    Hello Joker I’m Batman I’m waiting

  6. Rocío Gallegos Sánchez says:

    I hope DC finally makes a good movie for once

  7. Sheldon Cooper81 says:

    This was the worst Trailer i ve ever seen in my Life. Well Pheonix is a great actor 3 x better then Leto.

  8. Coca Koala says:

    No one can replace Heath Ledger

  9. 0 subscribers with no video says:

    Leto makes 15k account to dislike this

  10. Carnagé says:

    stop insulting Heath Ledger Joker ffs pls

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