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  1. xryanv says:

    i feel like i just watched the movie….

  2. Wolfgang Von Zubaz says:

    ESQ… lol…the pimperific title for attorneys

  3. Aquino De La-rosa M. says:

    just brilliant

  4. supercomputadora says:

    wow i see all the movie with the trailer

  5. joro353 says:

    Just saw it… most of it. Had such high hopes but it wasn’t my movie. I was so annoyed that I left the theater before it ended. Maybe I was in a mood for something more inspiring, not this out of touch, babbling, afro wearing lawyer who after all these years of profound dedication, blew it all away for a few bucks. Interesting idea but poorly executed.

  6. Soccer Highlights says:

    Is this movie good?

  7. Seth Porter says:

    The trailer was better than the movie.

  8. Chas UGC says:

    We’re a damaged race, no doubt. Not asking for sympathy or empathy, just stating fact. You can only beat down and persecute a people for so long before it leaves scars.

  9. A182220 says:

    A pesar del tema de la película me atrapo totalmente. Me gusto mucho, pero esos finales inesperados donde muere el personaje principal dejan un vació.

  10. rk ana says:

    Of course I remember you. That’s why I gave you my card.

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