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10 Responses

  1. Al 3000 says:

    This was so much better than I thought it would be!!!

  2. Ken Bar says:

    these public servants work for us. f*** them if they can’t take a joke.

  3. karla__rommina says:

    ¡Wow! ¡Es genial!

  4. M. H. says:

    Just saw this movie a while ago without knowing anything about it. Yep, for sure Frances Mcdormand will get nominated for an Oscar, most likely even win it. I think Sam Rockwell should also get nominated and win Best Supporting Actor (although I still have to watch other actors/movies). If this is an original screenplay, it should get nominated for that too, and the score was excellent, so I’ll nominate it for that as well! And, whatever, if it wins all of the above, why not win Best Picture too? Sam Rockwell, though!

  5. Yorkshire MGTOW says:

    This movie could’ve been great but there are just too many things in it that don’t make sense-
    (Spoiler Alert):

    1) Despite the billboards being out of commission for decades and the company who owns them not even knowing of their existence, they still charge Mildred $5000 for a month and she doesn’t even try to haggle! What is she, a kid?
    2) Woody Harrelson is dying from cancer yet looks completely healthy throughout.
    3) Woody has a foreign and much younger wife; the background to which isn’t explained at all.
    4) Woody’s Police interview technique. As with all movie cliches, there is no tape-recording of the interviewing or any video, there isn’t another person present, and he’s standing up leaning over her, menacingly, as he’s speaking to her. In a modern country in 2017 like the US this would not be allowed to happen.
    5) After Jason throws the guy from the window, causing him major injuries, it is witnessed by a Police chief and Jason isn’t arrested, at any point!! He’s just fired, like you would a Burger King employee who’s late too many times.
    6) The potential rapist who threatens Mildred in the shop- why?! There is no motive at all for him to come in and do that.
    7) Mildred’s amazing ability, despite her being a gift-shop worker, to fire-bomb a Police station with the skill, precision and expertise of an experienced Commando, like she’s done it thousands of times.
    8) Mildred gets away with attacking the dentist, despite him having an unusual injury that he would be very unlikely to sustain by himself. The interview is stopped because Woody is ill- so why wasn’t it continued by another officer at the time?
    9) Jason is allowed back into the Police station at night, by himself, after being fired. ‘You’ve got your keys, just let yourself in,’ he’s told. Really?! After being fired? You’d surely go to his house and collect those keys, or at least change the locks.
    10) Mildred experiences no consequences after attacking teenagers, with lots of witnesses around.
    11) The billboards are on fire and Mildred, driving past, just happens to have with her a 50-liter fire extinguisher- very handy. And after the fire’s put out, only the paper has been burnt, but the wooden structure is absolutely fine. Hmmm.
    12) Why didn’t the cops, who we’re told have no problem with doing serious stuff like torturing people, simply rip down or deface the billboards in the beginning? They are far away from anywhere, with no residents, CCTV etc.
    13) No proper investigation into the arson attack on the Cop Shop.
    14) Jason turns from a psycho into a saint, despite undergoing significant trauma.

  6. Alex Hurst says:

    It’s superb. Hilarious and sad.

  7. Rafly Daffaldi says:

    “Hey fuckhead!”
    “Don’t say what Dixon when she’s calling you a fuckhead!”

    That line itself deserve an Oscar ?

  8. FD S says:

    1:59 – Ray: “Bottle! No, don’t bother!”

  9. FD S says:

    Well… Margie sure changed a lot since Brainerd, didn’t she?

  10. Zsolt Bakos says:

    looks like a stupid movie

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