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10 Responses

  1. Kartik Rai says:

    Looks good

  2. Patrick Cauton says:

    Hellboy: I’m on your side!!!

  3. tom cruise says:

    Is he (hellboy) born to sinister ???

  4. Jay M says:

    S T U P I D

  5. Beast PaVel says:

    Is like…deadpool

  6. richipdaman says:

    Who ever casted the roles for this film needs to rethink their career choice, this looks great as a movie but the characters and actors let it down to the degree that it may be a flop at the box office.

  7. Rhianna Delacour says:

    Where are his twins and Liz ? And Abe ? I hope they will be in the movie. I mean children of a half-demon and a blue fire bender ! they should be handsome and I wonder how they will look like. can’t wait !

  8. 1jdm408 says:

    Undertaker ?

  9. Watagatapitumberry says:

    No, enserio Muestren el verdadero trailer!

  10. Dhanaji Shinde says:

    Wtf they did with him }? He look like a shit.

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