Childish Gambino – This Is America –

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10 Responses

  1. Sandesh저우쯔위 says:

    RIP in pieces humanity

  2. Корбен Даллас says:

    Рот шатал ??

  3. ryder wase says:

    This is SAN ANDREAS

  4. Bret Harley says:

    Know what’s really crazy? It isn’t monetized…

  5. Chad Paras says:

    memes brought me here lol

  6. omid Yaqobi says:

    Police be trippin’ now

  7. Noa Paul says:

    What’s good with this song????

  8. daikaiju lord says:

    When you realise half the people who are highly interested in this song aren’t even American…

  9. Marcos Lopez says:

    So everyone is saying he took inspiration from get out for the last scene but I noticed (maybe it’s a coincidence but at 1:40 the gospel singer they fixate on looks like Jordan Peele the guy who made get out

  10. ryder wase says:

    This is tilted towers

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