Travis Scott – CAN’T SAY –

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10 Responses

  1. Inteligenta forma Życia says:

    I heard him first like 4 weeks ago (i m not really intrested in music ) but he sounds nice

  2. Public chat says:

    who likes this song and why????if you like! subs

  3. Sophie Petsch says:

    Astroworld number one

  4. Jan Lehovec says:

    Que puto asco, no de canción, de genero musical, es una mierda

  5. Robot Flores says:

    This fucking lit

  6. Nikita Kozhemyaka says:

    Travis number one. Astroworld number one

  7. Invader 71 says:

    Utter crap. You’re all fake ??

  8. Mex Ed says:

    1:08 sound like an orgasm?

  9. Raag Abel chow says:

    So everything I ever wanted all in life in a single video

  10. Gustavo Aguilar says:

    King of autotune

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