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10 Responses

  1. Jason says:


  2. Линар Гареев says:

    Как всегда вышка. Ребя, эта тема жеская. Лучше со стороны смотреть. И делать правильные выводы. Всем Добра. С любовью из Америки.

  3. Aben Only says:

    In the break Eminem took I guess he played a hell of games
    (Just a thought for his video)

  4. Lil Shadow says:

    Old eminem is back hell yay i hear alittle slim shady anyone else?

  5. Xquare One says:


  6. Nebis beatz says:

    check beat…

  7. 4:20 Ashim says:

    Here comes the real slim shady..

  8. DJ Brickfinga says:

    sick eminem, exactly how i like him at most.

  9. Dasone Dasone says:

    His age 40up but he still badass

  10. M /Best Video says:

    Wow super ✌Eminem we love you ?????????????

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