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10 Responses

  1. James White says:

    if you go to IMDb, no trailer has been released so stop being an idiot, and ruining fans excitement for what is probably going to be, a good film

  2. Dan P says:

    Deniro is a great actor, its too bad he cant keep his political views to himself. Saying “F” Trump at an awards show makes him the deplorable. Him, Meryl Streep, and all the other Hollywood Hypocrites should shut up. They don’t care about jobs because their already rich. They don’t care if illegal criminals or terrorists come into the country because they wont be moving to their neighborhoods. It’s real easy to be liberal on issues that will never affect you !

  3. Omar Lara says:

    I dont get it?

  4. arshad irandoost says:

    Why they used god father soundtrack for this movie?!

  5. James Butera says:

    Yea great

  6. Voir Streaming says:
  7. Abdul Rehman says:

    fake crap trailer

  8. Yankee Skunkee says:

    I read “I Heard You Paint Houses” (mafia talk for ‘you kill people for $’) aka The Irishman. It is a fairy tale told by a self -important blowhard, as a last ditch attempt for attention. President Kennedy would not be assassinated for the low level vulgarian Hoffa. You have to be a jackass to believe this nonsense.
    Won’t see the film, even though Pacino is in it.
    Also, why didn’t that shameless toady Fallon ask DeNiro about covering for that sack of garbage Weinstein? Nice to see DeNiro without his control freak handler though, snaggletooth jane.

    I prefer Richard Harris talking about the sell out DeNiro….

  9. Luis Garza says:


  10. drummerfella 55 says:

    ‘Fan Trailers’…are fucking absolutely Worthless’. Retard Youtube Generation’ at work…. Jesus….

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