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10 Responses

  1. IamChubby 1 says:

    Dragon Ball z Disney version

  2. PowerCookie1 says:

    Crap thought it was gonna be scifi but turned out to be scifi/fantasy

  3. BlackBoxSDA says:

    For a moment I thought it was Peter O’Toole when I saw the thumbnail.

  4. Korro Chime says:

    maybe i’ll finally be able to understand the story this time

  5. Ansatsunin says:

    Everything about this looks and sounds abysmally shit.

  6. David Daniels says:

    Damnit it’s that horrible actress from ‘The 100.’

  7. Simba Neki says:

    loved the books, hope this won’t end up like the Golden Compass…

  8. Nick Feizabal says:

    Great!….. Until Oprah.

  9. Aamer Kastoff says:

    More accurate titles: “A Diversity In Time” or “Blackwashing in Time” or the much longer title “Despite it Being in Fact Racist as Hell, It’s Not Racist to Replace White Characters With Non-Whites” or “Fuck You White People” or “Suck Whitey, Tell the Truth About How Racist The Casting Is To Whites and We Will Call You the Racist”

    Now for the racists and leftist trolls…

  10. Strahd Zarovic says:


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