Steps – Scared of the Dark –

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  1. Eric Leonardi says:

    Ah all these comments about the boys not singing, lol. Have you watched their performance when they sing live and you can actually hear the boys’ voice?

    S Club 7 is 7 people and most of the time you hear only Jo’s voice in the chorus.

    Take That is 5 people but why do you always hear Gary Barlow’s voice most of the time (Patience, Back For Good, Pray)?

    Someone has to take the lead in the chorus, thus Claire’s voice is more prominent than the others in a song. Then in other songs, perhaps Lisa’s voice is more audible (case in point: Just Like The First Time).

    It is a matter of arrangement.

  2. HeyAlfonso says:

    This song sounds sooo old and familiar ?? I LOVE IT ?

  3. mikeskybrowser says:

    I thought this was going to be cringeworthy but even though I’m not a steps fan I admit they’ve aged well and the song is enjoyable.

  4. Nangeala says:

    Thats the chorus to unbreak my heart lol

  5. Assaad Hattab says:

    Is there anything sillier than those two guys lipsynching throughout the whole song while their voices can’t be heard at all, at least in the chorus? ?

  6. Lemonade says:

    i feel like im in the 1990’s WTF

  7. Happy Smile says:

    happy to see them back together the original steps beat is there thats why their unique..

  8. Lalaine Ivy says:

    OMG They are back!!

  9. Emelia Marie says:

    “Shit! We’ve run out of money! Let’s make a comeback album”

  10. ComickerSeikatsu says:


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