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10 Responses

  1. Backtofront Vibes says:

    Fast and furious got nothing on this.

  2. Amani Brian says:

    What is this bull

  3. FOXFAM RKT says:

    Looks like GTA5 but better

  4. cn1003 says:

    I’m yo fan, your posters on my walls inside my head…. Do you hear me callin?….?

  5. Chill One Love says:

    Incoming call ? “this song is dope ??”

  6. Nicolas Fernández Vaquero says:

    the 4.2k dislikes r my neighbours

  7. JaffaCake says:

    100 likes and I will Make a Gta 5 music video on this ?

  8. Emjé Jibril says:

    I miss you my cat. ?

  9. Steven Aston says:

    Garbage , ppl don’t even know what good music is any more . It really is sad

  10. Black says:

    Editor and management: you want a bunch of nice effects and a private gta server

    Juice Wrld: just answer my question!!! DO YOU HEAR ME CALLING???

    Editors and management: We’re not gonna answer that so we’ll just take that as a yes

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