Shawn Mendes – Nervous –

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10 Responses

  1. Mimi K says:

    In the name of love!that song is Beautiful!!!^^

  2. Nuevas Direcciones says:

    No me lo manoseeeen:(

  3. Veronica Sousa says:

    Que som é esse shaw❤

  4. camila quereza says:


  5. Gero Y Faus Rivanera says:

    His smile, omfg his beatiful smile

  6. Gero Y Faus Rivanera says:

    Who is he talkin about in ALL of his songs? Really big doubt

  7. HaleyMialol Coleman says:

    I ♥️ your new song so much I ? u too

  8. PikaCrafty YT says:


  9. Michelle Cruz says:

    I never thought this was gonna be so nervous or akward to watch

  10. Retardovaný Rohlík says:

    I NEED behind the scenes ??

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