Maroon 5 – Three Little Birds –

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10 Responses

  1. Theophilus Daniel says:

    Great video… nicely done…

  2. manu Kigz says:

    are these creepy ghosty things celebrating our don’t _worriness_ …

  3. Tahiem Hall says:

    Fuck u maroon 5 I am from Jamaica the real person sing that a bob marly so u nu fi stop copy pussy

  4. Kristian Ljubišić says:

    This song sounds so fake

  5. BryanRocker 97 says:

    Sos el mejor Adam Levine ?

  6. Mahad Shahid says:

    Absolutely fucking hate this trash!

  7. Dawid Wiśniewski says:

    Tribute to Bob Marley

  8. Timothy Kolstein says:

    They steal other people’s art and call themselves “artists”. Hollywood is so fucking fake, lol. R.I.P. to Bob Marley. Great song.

  9. Braulio Arana Rojas says:

    Yo vine por el mundial

  10. john smith says:

    Possibly the most nauseating group of all time – please go back to your real day jobs as accountants or realtors. Leave the music to people who actually feel it, who are living their values through their music- I’m an open, optimistic and live and let live kind of guy, but the utter blandness of this group actually offends me

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