Sabrina Carpenter – Almost Love –

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10 Responses

  1. OXSuperCookieXO says:

    *Sabrian Is BEAUTIFUL!!!*

  2. Brooklyn Fugett says:

    I swear I can’t stop listening to this amazing song! I’m so hooked on this! Love you Sabrina

  3. OXSuperCookieXO says:

    *This music video gives me Taylor Swift vibes*

  4. Ayush Agarwal says:

    that butt shake 0:22 … i fell off the bed

  5. Abby Acentares says:

    S A B R I N A ❤ I S ❤ S O ❤ C U T E

  6. Aaliyah Edith says:


  7. Aaliyah Edith says:

    I swear yesterday she was on Disney jeezos she has changeddd

  8. 4vks hearts says:

    I’m so proud for you girl cause this song I listened it ar mall on my country

  9. Mallorie Ventura says:


  10. juan manuel cano villada says:

    I want to cry is beautiful

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