Ariana Grande – God is a woman –

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  1. Potatos And Potato's says:

    *Albert Einstein voice*
    1:38 is OFFICIALLY, the newest meme to come out of a music video. With all the crazy new things artists come up with to be original and creative, this one has caught the human eye more then any other, for the simple fact that it’s hellish to the ears but funny to your eyes. The general public has not been able to understand what this scene is about. We can only know when Ariana herself says what it’s about

    *Normal human voice*

  2. elpha volph says:

    So if you are famous celebrity then you can shít anything? Disliked and reported Miss Ari

  3. Denis Kitoo says:

    when everyone’s comments is at 1:38

  4. Skal1 says:

    1:38 When you read the comments and you see that every comment is about “1:38″…

  5. Pixie Lott 4 Life says:

    1:38 when you get tired of seeing “when” comments

  6. Dora Jam says:


  7. 蘭嶼帥哥施志桓 says:


  8. mainkr3fT pr000 pleieR says:

    If ill make 700 likes ill record how i fuck my gay little dog then put on yt

  9. Jessica Joyn says:

    Playback 1.25 sound good ?

  10. L O S T says:

    1:38 when you want attention

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