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10 Responses

  1. Sub Roy says:

    1:42 Was that a Rolling Stones reference?

  2. KBDollar says:

    This looks beautifully shot,

  3. Emily CORNELL says:

    I love You!

  4. Emily CORNELL says:

    I love You!

  5. MIClimate says:

    So here we have another film “old man, young women”. I vomit. No matter how good the acting: I detest the subject. Where are the films that do justice to women above 45? Are we condemmed to the genre of “chick lit”? This makes me so so angry.

  6. Lily COWDEN says:

    I love You!

  7. Mariam Khalid says:

    And the oscar goes to……..

  8. Timothy Keys says:

    That seems interesting

  9. Pablo González says:

    Watching the 70mm copy of this film was just glorious.

  10. OverdramaticGay says:


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